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lingering problems

I drove the 4kq to the gas station to get air tonight.  I first
bled the rear brakes because the pedal was soft, then changed
the oil and filter (friggin Fram was on too tight, fell apart as
I tried getting it off, 1 hour and sliced fingers later the Mann
was on...) and went out.

The pedal is still soft.  Though I bled the fronts, perhaps I 
need to redo them all?  When bleeding I noticed some black crap
coming out of the lines, is this contamination?  
Also, the car pulls to the right noticably, didn't before.
Unless I screwed up the steering I don't see what's up.
One possibility - the front left wheel got very hot (to
the touch) while driving.  This suggests the caliper is stuck,
but doesn't explain why the car pulls to the right, does it?
Also, you will recall I almost blew one of the calipers, but
that was the right one, and while the right rotor is warm,
the wheel is not.  The pedal is still very soft as well
(clutch works fine though).

Still to fix are mixture (O2 is disconnected), rear brake
cables, and smooth out the timing.  But I need to get the brakes
fixed because it's dangerous to go anywhere like this :)

If you have any ideas lemme know, I may futz with
it tomorrow, otherwise I think I might take it to an
Audi shop in the area.  If I could get the brakes going I 
was thinking of going to visit Chris Semple and let him fix this
stuff :)

| Dan |
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