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Re: AFNAC? BOSE? You don't want "hi fi" in the car?

Saam sed:

> Good Acronym. AFNAC!
>Igor or someone thinks that having a hi-fi in the car means you are
>constantly blasting the tunes or whatever, and went as far as saying it was
>I'm a musician...

"Oh well, the human memory is short and unfaithfull",- sez me, cranking up 
the volume in a half-a-kilowatt worth of car hi-fi. Now that my musical 
ignorance is revealed, I am wondering if my pianist wife is gonna file for a 
divorce ;-)

Igor Kessel, who is a connosiour of fine music,
and went through the trouble of installing in his 200TQ:

Head unit: Alpine, radio/cassette
Equalizer: Alpine, 11 channels (aka "dancing lights")
Fr. amp:   Alpine, 2 channels
Rr. amp:   Alpine, 4 channels, bridged
Fr. sp:    Alpine, 3 ways
Rr. sp:    Boston Acoustic, 3 ways