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Re: New lights through old windows (2)

On Tue, 5 Nov 1996, Tom Nas, DTP Direct bv wrote:

> Hi all,
> After all the headlight woes, there's good news for some of us. I read in
> Auto, Motor und Sport that the Audi Cabriolet, based on the old 80, has
> been upgraded with DE lights. These can be retrofitted to all post-91 Audi
> 80/90 models as a straight swap, and to all 86-91 Audi 80/90s by fitting
> the new bonnet (hood). I'm not sure if you need new wings (fenders) for
> this too. This should be a very worthwhile upgrade, because DE units are
> about the best you can buy beside  Xenon. The thick lens focuses the light
> to a very concentrated dot, which is *much* more effective than ordinary
> H4. Boy, wish I had a new model 80- I'd buy these in a flash...
> I don't know anything about part #s, prices or availability, but I will try
> to find out.
> Tom
> 1988 80 1.8S
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Ned Ritchie (Intended Acceleration) has a yellow 90Q that he added the
newer style bonnet from a 90 Cabriolet.  The lights he used are off the
RS2 with the projector beams (DE?).  He has the RS2 bumper/airdam and a
monster wing.  This is a 4-door.  I don't how far he has gotten, because
someone backed into the front of the car and took off damaging the

Nathan Belo
Seattle, WA
88 90Q