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Re: Octane Myth

With modern Audi engines being equipped with knock sensors the timing 
can be retarded to accomodate lower octane fuel fuel (87 RON).  My 
1993 100cstqw requires premium fuel according to the owners manual.  
I have been running 89 octane grade without any appreciable 
difference in performance.  I dont think there is any danger of 
damaging the engine but, I think there may be a difference in fuel 
economy.  I have only owned this car sine August so I haven't done 
a comprehensive comparison of octane vs. fuel economy.

The Audi technician at the local dealer recommends 89(RON) but do not 
go below this for fuel economy reasons.  I wonder though if the much 
higher cost of premium generates enough of a gain in fuel economy to 
offset the higher cost?

David Torrey
79 BMW 320i
88 Honda Civic
93 Audi 100CSTQW

Veazie, Me.