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Re: foggin it up

> >You are absolutely correct, snow does accumulate on the headlights
> >and people DO NOT CLEAN it, you will be amazed to see people
> >driving around with a large piles of snow on the car, truck roof and
> >when they brake it all goes on the windshield and they can see s$%^.
> <pet peeve mode> I hate this! Freaking idiots think that they can scrape 
> small hole in the ice on their windshield and go off on their merry 

Don't forget another cool feature of New England weather:  that melt/freeze 
cycle. This allows the snow you haven't cleaned off to turn into a buildup 
of 1/2" or so of ice, with a little "snow" on top, on the roof of the 
vehicle. It's a real treat when Dudley Doofus pulls onto the interstate and 
this sheet of cement catches the wind and "lifts off" in front of you.

Seen frequently during the Huw-&-Paul-wrecking rains recently, don't forget 
folks who think that wipers on "fast" also clean the pavement; they can 
drive 80 without hydroplaning--not that I care as long as they don't hit 
me! (Thomas Jefferson (?) "...your fist...my nose")

Like the guy on Hill Street Blues said,
"Be careful out there"

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