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Re: Harness mounting

Hans-Juergen Schneider wrote: 
> The FIA has a webpage at http://www.fia.com
> Take a look at the regulation Art.253 in
> Appendix J of the International Sporting Code
> and you will find some recommended mounting
> procedures.

Thanks Hans for the pointer to the FIA page.
It took me some time to find exactly where Art.253 of Appendix J
was on this page, so for those interested it is at:

BTW, it references Dwgs# 253-42,43,44,45, but I can't find them.

Here are a couple of excerpts from FIA regarding angle and attachment:

"In the downwards direction, the shoulder straps must be directed towards 
the rear and must be installed in such a way that they do not make an angle 
of more than 45 to the horizontal from the upper rim of the backrest, 
although it is recommended that this angle should not exceed 10. 

The maximum angles in relation to the centre-line of the seat are 20 
divergent or convergent. 

If possible, the anchorage point originally mounted by the car manufacturer
on the C-pillar should be used. 

Anchorage points creating a higher angle to the horizontal must not be used 
unless the seat meets the requirements of the FIA standard. 

In that case, the shoulder straps of 4-point safety harnesses must be 
installed on the rear seat lap strap anchorage points originally mounted by 
the car manufacturer. 

For a 4-point harness, the shoulder straps must be installed crosswise 
symmetrically about the centre-line of the front seat. 

A safety harness must not be installed on a seat having no head restraint or 
having a backrest with integrated head restraint (no opening between backrest 
and head restraint). "

I hope this helps.
Glenn Lawton