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Re: Radar Detector

  Forwarded from my letter to the Quattro List....may be of general
  use..."Drive Fast, Drive Safe, Drive Quattro"
  I'm not sure about the model number and edition to which you are
  referring...but the "top of the line" Uniden served me well for the last
  two months...$99 at The Sharper Image with 60 day return policy...$99
  almost everywhere else....

  Good Points: Front and rear detection of all bands currently in use
            SWS warning system..it works
            Very loud at top volume level...I like to listen to loud music
  so this comes in handy
            Not intuitive immediately....but you'll get used to it in a
  week or so
            Very small (BEL like)
            Tested very close to BEL performance in"Automobile" Mag review
  for 1/3 cost
            Side recognition is excellent on K-Band as well

  Bad Points: This thing falses "ALOT!" but it also catches everything else
            X-band pickup is excellent...when the cops are using it...but
  much of the time it can't
            tell a CB radio from another Radar detector, from a microwave
  heating muffins, from John Law....
            but it will find John Law every time.
             Good and Bad..."city" does not decrease X-band
sensitivity...but rather only sounds when
                  the 1-5 LEDs reach 3 or more....I mute it in city driving

   The PASSPORT 5000 doesn't appear to be better or worse in detection
ability so far, but it is large....
        I wish it was a lot louder although it does have an earphone
(speaker) jack (yeah, like I'm gonna stick
        something in my ear for radar....NOT)...when you don't hear it,
there are no lights to grab your attention.....
        only a readout which you must really look at directly....the screen
is pretty cool, almost impressive....
        but is hard to see in bright sun even up under the car roof.

   As I'm sure you are aware...many Q-Listers would offer up their first
child for the V-1....I just can't bring myself to
        the price point.....maybe I'll regret that..maybe not...ticket free
for 8 years now...

   At this point I'm still torn...but plan to give the 5000 a month long
   Hope this helps!

   I noticed your address....any connection?


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  Subject:  Radar Detector


  I saw a posting in the digest from you concerning Radar Detectors and at
  the end of your comments you wrote something to the effect of "I see
  UNIDEN coming back  into my lfe...". I am wondering if you can offer an
  opinion regarding the UNIDEN LRD2200SE Special Edition radar detector.
  Reliability, quality, performance, etc. How does it compare to Bel for
  example ?

  Thank you. Mitch