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My 200tqw wants more HP!

Well, I may be comparing apples to oranges, but I just drove a friends 
Saab Aero with 225 bhp @5500rpm.  Very nice!  So my first thought is, 
"I want that level of horsepower!"  But cooler heads prevaled, and I 
need to think this through.

Should I be using the Aero as something to compare, or rather the 
S4/S6.  My guess is that the quattro is heavier than the aero, and know 
the S4/S6 have similar bhp to the aero. I have not driven those but the 
Aero has a fast 6.2 second 0-60. That is what was so different from my 
current stock 165 bhp and would say that is the area I would look to 

I imagine one of our approved chip vendors can get me that type of 
power, for the right price!  If so, what kind of $$ would I be looking 
at to go from the 165 to 225? On these wagons is going up fewer bhp's 
be smarter for an improved 0-60 performance? Appreciate any feedback.

89 200tqw