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Re: Anyone wanna entail the process of changing motor mounts?

In a message dated 96-11-06 10:56:49 EST, you write:

<<  WOuld anyone like to entail the process (as the Bentley isn't great here)
 changing motor mounts on a 5cyl 5 speed 88 90?  TIA!
Pretty straight forward on the 5cyl....

* Car on ramps
*  put a jack/stand on the motor as close to the mount as possible...  If you
can't, I used a 2X4 from above with chain/rope (this keeps the motor from
stressing the opposite mount during swap, and keeps mount close to frame rail
to put on 15mm nuts)
*  Remove upper mount nut (19mm I think) - may want to soak it a coupla days
with WD, it tends to catch water by design...  Prollum is, if the mount is
spinning in the cup, might have some time getting nut off...
*  Remove lower mount nuts (2X15mm) - engine is now hanging on your rope and
the trans mount only...
*  Pull mount down and out....
*  Install new mount from below, 15mm nuts on first
*  Install top nuts, torque to spec
*  Remove 2X4/jacks
*  Off ramps....

TURBO CAR NOTE (and some 5k cyls with oil coolers):  There is a asbestos hose
that goes from the oil cooler duct to the motor mount, if that is damaged or
missing, replace it, the part is less than 10USD...  Beats 60++  for another
mount soon...  that hose cools the mount from the exh/turbo components...