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Re: My 200tqw wants more HP!

In a message dated 96-11-06 11:16:48 EST, you write:

<< I imagine one of our approved chip vendors can get me that type of 
 power, for the right price!  If so, what kind of $$ would I be looking 
 at to go from the 165 to 225? On these wagons is going up fewer bhp's 
 be smarter for an improved 0-60 performance? Appreciate any feedback.
 89 200tqw
Do you have an early 89 (no air bag)or late?  The early 89 is easy to get the
hp you desire, but remember you have the k24 turbo, so change your oil more
225 should be just a computer box mod away on the early 89.... Lates are a
little more difficult (read: higher compression)