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Re: New lights through old windows (2)

Tom Nas, DTP Direct bv wrote:
> >Ned Ritchie (Intended Acceleration) has a yellow 90Q that he added the
> >newer style bonnet from a 90 Cabriolet.

> Ah, so you don't need to change anything else for these lights. Perhaps
> I'll do it one day when I find a cheap bonnet for a post-91 80.

Actually, if you look at Ned's car, the leading edge of the hood (sides 
of the grill portion) are lower than the leading edge of the fenders.
The fenders BTW, are actual RS2 fenders. Really looks like it's missing 
something... The headlights though, are from the RS2 as well. They are 
the same as those used on the Coupe S2.

>  The lights he used are off the
> >RS2 with the projector beams (DE?). 
> I couldn't remember clearly, but I vaguely recalled that the RS2 had the DE
> lights as well.

Yes, they are DE main beams.

However, there are DE lights available for all of the 90's, both early 
and late, as well as the CQ.
No, they don't require the fitting of the later cabriolet hood.
They are also twin bulb H-4/H-1 lights for the 90/CQ.

 As the RS2s are very rare here, the dealers don't know a
> lot about them.

I'd go as far as saying the US dealers don't know much about the cars 
that DID come here.

>   He has the RS2 bumper/airdam and a
> >monster wing. 

I don't know whose wing it is, but the bumper/airdam, fenders and liners 
and rear flares are actual RS2 parts, the turn signals and fogs in the 
bumper are OE porsche C2/4 parts.
Unfortunately, he didn't do the mirrors or the rear valance, this would 
have made it much more like the original. 'Cept of course the wagon 

 This is a 4-door.  I don't how far he has gotten, because
> >someone backed into the front of the car and took off damaging the
> >airdam/bumper.

That's funny, when Ned sent me the pictures of the car and the damaged 
valance, he said that his wife drove the car into one of those concrete 
parking curbs.........

> Shame about the damage. This sounds like a monster car.

Yeah, last I talked to him, the car was getting ready to receive a 20v 
turbo motor with output nearing 400hp.

 Would have been
> even better if he'd done it on a coupe or a cabriolet...

With a coupe, why not emulate a coupe S2?
With a cab, seems like the valances and so on would look way to 
aggressive for the rest of the car... just IMHO tho....

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