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Power sterring hose info needed please.

Gotta a slight prob.  Since I redid my power steering hose on my 90,
the rack to pump hose, it has groaned at idle speed turning.  Well, I think
I have figured it out but need some advice.  My original hose has I believe
a restrictor in it.  (Someone confirm this?)- and anyways, the one they
made for me, didn't.  Now they can do me a hose with restrictor, but
before I waste time and money, I'd like to know for sure.  The Bentley makes
no mention for sure, but what it looks like on the outside of the hose is
a metal piece crimped on there all the way around.  It would be under the
rubber cover they put on that hose at the factory.  Would anyone like
to confirm any of this, help me out?  TIA!