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Re: 75th Pikes Peak Hillclimb

> Next year will be the 75th running of the hillclimb and they are 
> planning a special historic event to the cars that have made a mark 
> on the run. But they are excluding cars built after 1980 which would 
> seem to indicate they do not want any of the Euro rally cars that 
> blew everybody away in the the 80'S. What a crock of s*&t. It would 
> have been nice to see a retrun of the S1 that Walter Rorhl piloted up 
> that  mountain in 87.
... agreed!  Don't they remember Bobby Unser setting the record using 
Audi hardware as well?  I actually got to meet him and check out the 
car at an Audi dealer back then ...

Do you have an address to which we can write to voice our opinions?  I
think the UK Quattro Owners Club was talking about having a meeting at 
Pikes Peak next year, it would be great if we got to see some of those
famous cars at the meeting ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)