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RE: How much is this used A4 worth??

If it's a quattro (doesn't sound like it, though) and "like new", I
personally think $24K asking is a great deal. It would have been over
$30K new. Even w/o quattro, it's not a bad price - q was a $1,500 stand
alone option on the first year's A4s. With all the other options on it,
it may still have been over $30K new (all prices list).
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>Subject:	How much is this used A4 worth??
>Test drove a used A4 last week, it has 2900 miles on it and it was beautiful!
>they are asking 23,999, and I can't find any prices of  used A4s in the usual
>used car books.  It has black leather, auto tranny, and a CD player, looks
>OK, what's it worth?  your opinions are needed!
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