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Re: Drum Roll, Please.. (Audi content = 0.0)

At 03:00 PM 11/6/96 -0800, Arun Rao wrote:
>	Congratulations, Al! How does that halo feel?
>	Just so your head doesn't swell up too much,
>	here's an  anecdote that might appeal to the more risible
>	among you.
>	Traveling by train in India last year, a fellow comes up to
>	our cabin and asks for "Doctor Rao". I look around and hesitantly
>	admit to being one such. At which point the man proceeds to
>	pull up his pant leg and launch into an earnest description of
>	some ailment.
>	Nonplussed at first, I interrupt to tell him that I'm not *that*
>	kind of doctor. A look of extreme disgust spreads across his face.
>	"Not *another* PhD ?!!," he moans, and walks off in a huff.
>	Congrats again, Al!
>	-Arun
>Arun Rao
>Pixar Animation Studios
>Pt. Richmond, CA 94804
>(510) 215-3526

One of my co-advisors had a similar experience--except he was on the other
end.  He and my major professor were flying back from one of their many
business trips and, after a few bottles of wine on the plane, started
talking with the stewardess.  He introduced himself as "Dr. XXXXXXX" (the
names have been changed to protect the guilty), and after some polite
conversation, she believed him to be an MD, not PhD.  Sometime later he
politely offered to give her a physical examiniation, but she was less than
receptive to that.  I'm suprised he didn't get kicked off the plane at
37,000 feet....

Achille Riviello
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