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re: wet trunk - don't know where it comes from

Solomon Ngan wrote:

>>>Hi again,
>>>My '90 90q is wet (quite wet) at the passenger side trunk well.
>>>I could locate where the leak comes from.
>>>I tried pouring water at and around the trunk lid but couldn't find 
>>>anything.   Also, the wetness is at the bottom, ie: carpet.  Nothing 
>>>on top seems to be wet.
>>>Any clue ???

I think I know exactly what's wrong. After the huge rainstorms of a few
weeks ago here in the Northeast, my car, which was outside during most of
the bad weather, was in a similar position. The problem isn't coming from
the trunk lid, my guess is. I tested the trunk lid as you did and found
nothing. The problem in my car was the fuel filler area. The lock on the
fuel filler door, if without rubber or other material, will let in tons of
water. If your filler door lock has rubber around it, then check the seals
near where the the actual fuel intake tube and car's sheet metal meet - you
may find the problem there. In checking my dad's '93 90CS I found that the
fuel filler lock is protected by a circular rubber piece which reduces the
open space there greatly. While I'm not sure if such a piece came on the
'90, mine does not have one (I'm planning to add one soon). When I tested my
fuel filler area with a stream of water, I found that tons of water actually
entered the trunk and deposited in the passenger side well (both over the
carpet/board and under it). Hope this helps... let me know if your car has a
rubber piece on the filler lock...

- Abhijit
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