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Speaking of hydraulics...

I'm about to order my third steering rack. :-(  I replaced the original
one at 86,000 miles. I now have 128,000 miles and it's been leaving
puddles larger than a silver dollar on my driveway for a few months now.

That first rack came from PAP about 3 years ago, and I put it in the
car 2.5 years ago (just didn't get around to it!). So, 2.5 years and 40K miles
later, I'm doing it again.

My question is about the rebuilt rack I should buy. I'm told that you can't
get a new one, and ZF, Audi and some Swedish company are the places that
are rebuilding them. Carlson Audi sells ZF and Audi racks starting at $445.
PAP used to sell ZF, but claimed quality problems and now goes with some
un-named Swedish company (to be fair, Wayne said he could not remember the
name, and I didn't push him on it). I'm calling Wayne back today to ask
when they switched from ZF, but I'm interested in experiences from the
other list members. I expect to do this one faster this time (esp. because
I'm not doing wheel bearings and strut dampers at the same time!)

BTW, the previous rack was $299 on special, and Wayne is giving me a slight
break on the price of my next one.