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RE: A4 Lights

I am not sure what bulbs the A4 uses, but has anyone tried the relatively new 
halogen plus bulbs? Cost is ~30% higher as I recall. I know they are available 
in the 9004 flavor and the claim on the package is 50% brighter and last 100% 
longer. YMMV.

mike miller
91 200q with 9007s (almost as good as stock chevy lighting)

From: 	owner-quattro@coimbra.ans.net on behalf of Ed Slaughter
Sent: 	Thursday, November 07, 1996 8:52 AM
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Subject: 	A4 Lights

Just returned from a 3000 mile trip in my A4Q manual  on two lane 
mountain roads all through the western US.   The car is insanely fun on 
these roads.  But a thousand-mile day meant lots of driving in the dark 
(and snow as it turned out.)  I couldn't help but notice that the blue high 
beam indicator lamp on the dash is in fact brighter than the high beams.

Has anyone figured out a way to improve the stock A4 headlights?  Are the 
lights in the US the same ones used in other countries?  Can one just put 
brighter bulbs in the standard lamps?   As it is you have a choice of going 
50 mph through Nevada (unacceptable) or playing Russian roulette with 
the antelope (potentially costly.)