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Re: Center Diff locking problems in 87 4KCSQ

In a message dated 96-11-07 15:20:09 EST, you write:

<< feel it shake the car.  Once it engages, it does fine.  Disengaging it can

 only be done by completely stopping the car and going into reverse and coast
 bit backwards.  Others I have spoken with seem to think it is internal in
 diff from possibly years of non-use and rust.  Any other ideas.....?
Do a coupla trans fluid changes, I worked on a 5ktq with the same prollum....
 2 drains (get both) 1 fill, all 17mm hex (sears 8.99)....  Use Redline
75W90, go 1-1.5k mi, then drain and fill again...  should loosen up the inner
workings enough for you to notice a big difference....  Also, therre is a
carrier braket towards the rear of the trans that the locking rod slides
thru...  It has a plastic sleeve....  Sometimes the rod gets enought crud on
it it makes the rod a tough slider...   clean up the rod with sandpaper/wire
brush, and lube with something grease (doesn't matter, it is exposed so
prolly will need another treatment soon anywho.....)   Good luck...  Nice btw
on the mercedes door locking thing, got that filed