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Too good to be true..

>>From: "Mike " <JoMi@msn.com>
>Date: Thu, 7 Nov 96 18:18:18 UT
>Subject: RE: A4 Lights
>I am not sure what bulbs the A4 uses, but has anyone tried the relatively new 
>halogen plus bulbs? Cost is ~30% higher as I recall. I know they are available 
>in the 9004 flavor and the claim on the package is 50% brighter and last 100% 
>longer. YMMV.
>mike miller
>91 200q with 9007s (almost as good as stock chevy lighting)

9004LL  ( longer life ) uses better material so will last longer
under the same voltage/brightness conditions, and that's just
what the Sylvania data book says.

The 50% BRIGHTER is 50% brighter than NON-HALOGENS.

( BTW the 9007 and relay combo is the most COST EFFECTIVE...)