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Re: Bel radar comparison

I have the Bel 945 Cordless.  I had a 745 Sti+ that seemed to work great
for a week and then couldn't detect squat.  Bel replaced it gratis with a
new one which I swapped for the then new 945.  It has been better than the
745 and hasn't seemed to false much at all, although we took an awful lot
of hits coming back from Port Arthur to New Orleans yesterday.  But they
all seemed to be there except for one questionable stretch (which may have
meant that a local was following fairly close : wild X band show).  I'm
pretty satisfied, although I've heard that there's quite a lot of
variability on the 745's.


>I have the 745sti+.  It's nice and sensitive but I get falses out the
>ying-yang.  It beeps at me about 4-5 times in just about every mile of
>highway driving.  It even beeps at me on one lane country roads 5 miles from
>Nowhere, West Virginia.  It drives me nuts.  On rare occasion, it even gives
>me warning about an actual REO.
>I think I need to send it back to see if anything can be done with it.
>At 10:35 AM 11/7/96 -0800, you wrote:
>>Since we've been having so much discussion about radar detectors lately,
>>I'd like to pose a question to the list.
>>I'm looking to replace my radar detector since my disappeared when my
>>car was stolen.  I've been looking at either the Bel 745STi Plus or the
>>Bel 850STi.
>>Does anybody have any experience with either of these models?  I really
>>like the looks of the 850 since it displays information using text
>>messages (it looks like it uses an LED display rather than LCD ala Cobra
>>and Escort 5000) and a decent bar graph rather than lighting up tiny
>>Do the Bel's seem to all have a similar range characteristics, or is
>>there a lot of variation?  I know that the Bel 745 had exceptional range
>>when Automobile magazine tested last December.  Could I expect
>>equivilent range from the 850?
>>Thanks, and sorry for the length
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