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RE: audi rs2

You're an evil, evil man.

Now, how did that grey import thing work again? "Really, Mr. Customs
Officer, it's just a tarted up Audi. No, it's all body and interior."
"What's that? Start it? Well, it's still got the shipping fluids in it."

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>From:	Dave Eaton [SMTP:dave.eaton@minedu.govt.nz]
>Sent:	Friday, November 08, 1996 2:11 AM
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>Subject:	audi rs2
>the local dealer held a "classic car" evening last night.  apart from the
>ferrari 456 and assorted
>merc sl's, amg's and bentleys (oh yes and an aston db7, porker 911t and an
>a8) was...
>a *brand new* electric blue rs2 (with full black leather).
>possibly the only new rs2 available anywhere in the world.
>anyone out there interested? :-)
>'93 s2
>'90 ur-q