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Re: Too good to be true..

Alan Cordeiro writes:
> >I am not sure what bulbs the A4 uses, but has anyone tried the relatively new 
> >halogen plus bulbs? Cost is ~30% higher as I recall. I know they are available 
> >in the 9004 flavor and the claim on the package is 50% brighter and last 100% 
> >longer. YMMV.

> 9004LL  ( longer life ) uses better material so will last longer
> under the same voltage/brightness conditions, and that's just
> what the Sylvania data book says.
> The 50% BRIGHTER is 50% brighter than NON-HALOGENS.
> ( BTW the 9007 and relay combo is the most COST EFFECTIVE...)

The A4 low/high beam is an H7 bulb.  It is not the 900x family.
I have not had to use the high beams much, but the low beams
on the A4 is just peachy.  It has the same cutoff pattern as my
4000 (with the H4/H2 Cibie euro lights), and the brightness is

There has been a lot of whine about bad stock U.S. lighting
on Audis, but that does *not* apply to the A4, IMHO.

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