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evil men

Peter Henriksen <peterhe@microsoft.com> writes:

> You're an evil, evil man.

Hey Joe, didn't I just say exactly the same thing to you??? What's going on
here, is this an invasion of the bodysnatchers...with these evil evil
people offering new and different ways for us to spend our hard earned $$$$

<shield mode>
I am perfectly happy with the lousy lamps on my Audi. Many of the original
switches light and the power steering rack still is in the front of the car.

Furthermore, I *like* how my new Land Rover leaks, okay, valdezes  oil onto
my garage floor. Makes a nice pattern on the grey paint, particularly when
the tire tracks it in and out...or of course *I* track it through the
living room.

So there! Ha!
</shield mode>

Boy, am I tempting the Audi gods or what?


Lee Levitt
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