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I recently did some shopping for an accumulator for my 83 tqc.I was told 
that the bomb from a bmw 735I is the same. Wholesale price for the 
sphere,(it is threaded in to the control valve) is about $60.00 US. Manuf 
by ATE part # 10 0515-0515 .3. Check it out , may save you some money. Q 
listers may have some comments.
Fred S.Paul_Royal@isserv9.idx.com wrote:
>   >What exactly are these
>   >things? My guess is the "bomb" is the rectangular hydraulic fluid box on
>   >the driver side of the motor that contains the fluid for the brake
>   >booster and power steering. This fluid. Not to be confused with the
>   >brake fluid reservoir -- the roundish thing in the middle of the engine
>   >compartment that actually looks like a bomb. Am I close?
>   >How often do the bombs go out? Where do you get them? How much do they
>   >cost? How hard is it to do? Symptoms?
>   >I kind of have a sinking feeling that mine is going (car has 61k).
>   >Sometimes the brake warning light takes a minute to go off when I start
>   >the car. The pedal feels kind of mushy and if I pump the pedal quickly
>   >about 15 times, the light goes on.
>   >As for Pentosyn, where do I get it. How do I know the previous owner
>   >didn't use something else? If they did, how do I flush the system?
>   Hi Tim...
>        First...I've got a new address...I'm lucky I got this at all..should
>   be in the header.
>        The "bomb" is also known as the "brake pressure accumulator."  I
>   believe that it's main function is to maintain hydraulic pressure
>   approaching the vicinity of 2500lbs...and to retain most of that pressure
>   even after a night in your driveway.  The reason your light is going on
>   is probably because the diaphragm inside the accumulator is on it's way
>   out which I believe is much more a function of age than use...or miles.
>   Over night, you are probably losing pressure.  After your car runs for a
>   few minutes, the pressure is restored and the light goes out.  Here's the
>   caution: Under heavy and/or repetitive breaking (your 15 pump driveway
>   test) the "bomb" does not have enough reserve or is not able to maintain
>   the pressure that it should.  You are now in what I consider to be in the
>   caution zone.  If it is the bomb, it will need to be replaced fairly
>   soon.  Do it now, get it over with, and be safe (got kids?).  My
>   experience tells me that bombs are usually good for 4-6 years on average
>   (who knows).  I do not believe that any "bomb" I've seen is a box...more
>   like an expensive WWII German hand grenade with a big bulge in the
>   middle.  They should come in a velvet lined jewelry box for the roughly
>   $275 they charge (and that's a good price) expect an installing shop to
>   charge about $330-$350 which is reasonable.  On your car you should be
>   able to get out of the whole mess for less than 4 bills.  Placement of
>   most bombs is near the bottom of the engine compartment (listers?).  That
>   sinking feeling test of yours: My experience has been that after pushing
>   a number of times you can push very hard the last time and feel an
>   unnerving pulsing as the pedal gravitates towards the floor.  I'm
>   forwarding this to the Q-list so some other folks can critique it if I've
>   given any misleading info....as for install..I personally do not like to
>   do brake related work..it makes me nervous because I've had no good
>   trainer or mentor...so I part with the $45 labor for this messy and
>   critcal job....Good Luck!
>        Most good foreign parts stores carry Pentosin at about $17-18 a
>   quart.  I have used Luca's version in the past with no ill effects for
>   $11 a quart (it's only green baby oil for chrissakes).  You could take
>   the used Pentosin to a lab but that's undoubtedly overkill..you tell me
>   (listers?).
>        How's the rest of the car treating you?
>        Questions for you...where did you..and how much are you paying for
>   the Bently?
>        Is a car really yours until you've had sex in it?
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