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RE: Choking Audi

In regards to the Choking Audi,  I have experienced similiar experiences with my 
'84 4kq.  It would usually start up after a heavy rain, but could last for 
several days afterwards.  I was able to trace my problem back to the electrical 
connection at the differential pressure regulator on the fuel distributor.  
Sometime over the past 200k+ miles, this connection has deteriorated enough to 
become less than reliable.  When the contact is solid, the car runs fine,  but 
when it goes on the fritz, you're lucky if the car can get out of its own way 
without flat out dying.

Hope this is some help in your case.

-Stott Hare      '84 4Ksq  (black, and waiting for turbo...)
Biddeford, Maine