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Algebra R'Us

> From: "Duff, Ian" <iduff@charter.com>
> Subject: RE: We is edukatid
> Well, if you calculate the aggregate number of hours expended by members
> of this list _fixing_ vs. _driving_, we don't seem quite so bright.
> However, using the same formula, adnoH owners come out as *much* more
> intelligent, which we all take as gospel to be false.

The answer is oblivious, Mr. Dear Mr. Duff: the relationship is 
inverse!  You failed to include the *perversity* factor, which 
must be taken into account, since the list members are so perverse 
that they take on their Audis as roughly 50% transportation, 50% 

So the correct formula is more like:

(HD) x (HF)
-------------------    X  (-1)

Hour driving X hours fixing, divided by perversity, then invert the 
sign.  Since adnoH drivers are often wonderful people, but many lack 
perversity and drive in a boring fashion, I suggest the "P" factor 
accounts for the difference.

Especially after the fourth beer.  Then the "P" factor is REALLY

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