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RE: Algebra R'Us

I guess you haven't read the Honda mailing list or been to Southern
California... I'm subscribed to the digest version of the list and there
are about as many modifications as on the q list, but the signal to
noise level is much lower and the quality of what signal there is is
pretty low.

Just FYI.
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>At 01:38 PM 11/8/96 CDT, you wrote:
>>So the correct formula is more like:
>>(HD) x (HF)
>>-------------------    X  (-1)
>>       P        
>>Hour driving X hours fixing, divided by perversity, then invert the 
>>sign.  Since adnoH drivers are often wonderful people, but many lack 
>>perversity and drive in a boring fashion, I suggest the "P" factor 
>>accounts for the difference.
>In support of Al's hypothesis I must ask, how many adnoH's do you know of
>with K&N filters and the like?  : )
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