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Re: "octane myth" & "synthetic oil

I have been trying to hold on for a while reading comments like "taxi cabs
do not stress the engine" etc., etc.........
Stop and go driving conditions is the hardest on the engine LARGE or SMALL
(sorry could not help shouting, have heard too many comments without much
thinking behind them) with the exclusion of extreme racing condition. 
I defiantly agree with Nivi that NY cab driving is an extreme condition.
Please understand that with the exception of Human driving style (his own
claim) most driving conditions (and I repeat most, not all) do not require
an extreme condition oil kind, meaning SYNTHETIC, if it makes anybody feel
better by using synthetic, that is already a good reason, but that is as
far it goes, the benefit you will get are best questionable. Do any of you
know of an OEM automotive that uses and recommend synthetic oil for the
engine? is it that we are the only ones that are discovering the benefits
of synthetic oils and the OEM are stupid to follow us?
Avi Meron
86 5K cstq