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Re: A4 2.8 Power Question


    My A4Q 2.8 is still relatively new and I haven't driven it really hard
yet.  The power, however, seems more than adequate.  It climbs just about any
hill around here in 5th and the engine is very responsive, even at low rpm.
 Its best power, as noted previously in these discussions, is from 3000 up.
    Two additional thoughts:  First, most of the road tests commented on how
the auto trans is not quick off the line.  Testers got 0-60 times of roughly
10 seconds (slow) with auto trans models and about 8 seconds (decent) with
the manual box.  
    Second, as with many (most?) German cars brought into the U.S., I believe
the throttle is nonlinear, with most of the opening occurring toward the END
of the accelerator travel.  I haven't checked this yet on mine (easy to
determine) but it certainly feels that way.  They do that on U.S. models so
that at our relatively slow highway speeds (narrow throttle opening) a large
accelerator movement causes relatively little throttle change.  That way, you
can precisely vary your speed and maintain exactly 63.68 mph or whatever else
you intended!
    In Germany, they do just the opposite.  Autobahn speeds are achieved with
the throttle nearly wide open.  There, they fit nonlinear accelerators with
the opposite pattern--most of the throttle opening occurs at the beginning of
the accelerator travel.  You get precise control at the end of the travel,
rather than at the beginning as with U.S. versions.
    So, if I'm correct that Audi does this with the A4, then some perceived
slowness off the line is because you stand halfway on the gas but only get
maybe a fourth of the throttle opening.  You can buy linear throttle
conversions for Porsches at relatively inexpensive prices.  I don't know if
anyone has these for the 2.8 engine.
    Finally, my car (w/ manual trans) has plenty of power for my needs and
it's a lot of fun to drive on back roads and highways alike.  Unless you're
after Mustang GT acceleration, you should be pretty happy.  Good luck!

Rick Foster