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Re: quattro-digest V3 #1311

> When I jack the rear, I jack using the mid-point of
> > the rear axle beam (I have FWD only) ...
> Have you checked your rear wheel alignment lately?
> Just by looking at that beam on my fwd 4k I would never do that. The
> owner's manual also advises against it. The rear suspension on a 5k is
> not that much different.

If you use a piece of wood between the jack and the axle to cushion it, you
shouldn't have any problems ... if you just stick the jack on it, you might
bend the edge of the channel.  If you study the design of the axle, you can
see that it's *supposed* to twist!  As such, I don't think the load imposed
by lifting the car with it will cause any problem ... I've done it for many
years without any problems and, Yes, I check the alignment frequently.

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