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Engine Hood Release Cable

HI All!

	Who's got a solution to opening the engine hood when the release cable
is broken.  I needed to get into my '86 5KS this morning to remove the
alternator belt.  I needed it to rescue my '88 5KS from the mall (the belt on
my '88 5KS broke last night and I didn't have a spare so I had to leave it in
the mall parking lot).

	Anyway, went into my '86 this morning, pulled on the release handle and
"snap" ... no cable ...  So now, I've gotta hitch a ride from my wife to the
parts store to pickup an alternator belt.  After rescuing the '88 and bringing
it back home, I'll need to fix the cable on the '86.

	Any ideas on opening the engine hood, and general guidelines on
replacing the cable?

	TIA for all your help....

Henderson Nuuhiwa

'85 BMW 735i (her car)
'86 5KS (my car - unwilling to open up)
'88 5KS (for sale - waiting to be rescued)