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Re: VIN decoder

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

>my euro 86 200TQW starts with WAUZZZ44ZGA.  I can't resolve digits 4
through 6 which are car >line, engine type and restraint type (ZZZ) - Frank 

My "grey market" 1983 5000 turbo had VIN WAUZZZ43ZDN012602.  The headlight
area was a mess since someone (probably had to!) seemed to have *sob*
removed some fancy light and put in double rectangles.  I never got the
straight scoop on this car, though the allegation was that it was brought in
for/by AoA executives from germany ??? It had a metric speedo, but the
controls were all in English.  When I registered it, New Hampshire wanted to
look at it (un identifiable VIN) and when I inquired about the auto
transmission lockout recall, the Audi dealer looked at the VIN and said "not
one of ours, son"  

So maybe ZZZ means "holding these places for murkin gummint requirements,
not needed on euro cars", say what?

Just trying to help.

Huw Powell

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