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Re: tranny/diff fill


       I just ordered a case of Redline gear oils from Redline too.  Funny how
these things all pop up at once.  Must be getting ready for the winter.  Anyway
s, I had to order directly from Redline since they were the only ones I could f
ind that had the MT90 transmission oil, so that probably cost me a little more.
I paid $7.95/qt plus $10 for S&H.  Imparts sells Redline for $7.50/qt and only
$3-4 S&H, but they did not have the MT90 when I called.  If you call Imparts, a
sk for Victor.  He was very nice.

        Well, I had the same two questions as Hans, but I think I have figured
them out.  Let me just run this through just to make sure.  So, the MT90 fluid
is the manual transmission fluid, and the lubricant for the center differential
correct?  There is one fill plug and two drain plugs (tranny on side, diff on b
ottom)  The fill plug looks like it's just above the tranny drian plug.  I was
unsure for a bit on whether the tranny fluid (oil) was right for the center dif
f, but I guess it has to be.

        For the rear diff, there's two drain plugs that you will be looking rig
ht at if you are under the car.  The fill plug for the rear (final drive) diffe
rential is on the right side of the diff.  It took me a long time to find it!
I had some sort of protective flange covering that side of the differential, so
I was barely able to see it.  It looks like you will have to remove this guard
(flange) thing to get at the rear diff fill plug.  I then figured that the rear
differential takes the 75W90 gear oil.  I believe this is MTL as well.  I think
these are all synthetic, but the MT90 is specially formulated (a little better)
and reccomended for the trannys of these cars.  Correct me if I am wrong.

        BTW, I have not filled my transmission/diffs yet!  I looked around, bou
ght the 17mm allen wrench, had trouble getting the first fill plug out, and the
rear one lloked even harder, so naturally I gave up.  It was also really cold,
so maybee I will try again once it warms up.

        One more thing you might want to do while you are under there and doing
all this is to lubricate the driveshaft!  Look at the connection point, just ab
ove where the rear diff is and look in there.  Use a flashlight.  You will see
a small square looking piece that is slightly sticking out in that joint there.
On (or in) that square piece is a little hole.  Get your can of spray white lit
hium grease and spray some in there.  You may need to refer to section 39.22 of
the Bentley manual to see what I am talking about.  It said to do this approx e
very 10K miles.  I've never done it!  ;)  I couldn't do it because it has to be
in a certian position to really get at it right. I'll probably do that when I t
ry at those fill/drain plugs again.  BTW, Any reccomendations on how to get tho
se buggers out?  I doused them with WD40 and was banging like hell on the allen
wrench, but they just wouldn't budge!

         Just a summary.  For a 5ktq, here's what you'll need to order:

             Front: (tranny and center diff)
                MT90 gear oil - 4 quarts (tranny w/ diff is 3.4 qts)

             Rear: (rear or final drive differential)
                75W90 MTL gear oil (GL4 rating) - 3 quarts
                      (rear diff is 2.2 qts)

         Some additional pointers:

             Jack up whole end of car (front or rear) and _use jack stands_!
             Take car around the block a few times before draining the tranny/
diff oils.  You want it warmed up so it will flow easier, but you don't want to
drive too far or it will be TOO hot....we don't want any 3rd degree burns, we j
ust want it warm!
             Take out the fill plug first!!!!  (I cannot emphasize this enough)
             Use a LARGE drain pan.
             Do this in a nice warm garage!

         Sorry for the length of this, but I hope this helped some of you out.
I hope at least one person finds this helpful.  Good luck (or at least better l
uck than me!).  Maybee someone can help me out or offer some words of encourage
ment.  Maybee if I find a warm place to work on my car (or the weather gets bet
ter) I will be more motivated to try it again.