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Re: wet trunk status

Hairy green toads from Mars made Solomon Ngan say:

> Hi everyone,
> My wet trunk is still a puzzle to me.
> It has been dry (after two days of rain).
> This morning the rain stopped.  I parked my car on the drive way and 
> did the water hose test.  Guess what, no water got inside.
> I hose it with full tap pressure, from top, back, underneath, side, 
> you name it.  But nothing got in.   The gasket is dry, all bolts 
> connections, light rims, everywhere is dry.  Occasionally a couple of 
> water droplets appear around the "plastic plug" inside the trunk on 
> either the passanger side or the drive side.  I believe it is from the 
> wet trunk lid being open.   Just to be sure, I repeated the same 
> test, and open the lid carefully, there was no water.

Is there some way water is getting up from underneath the car
when you drive in the rain?


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