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Re: USA Q-list gathering


     I think this is a great idea!  I'd love to meet you listers way up there i
n New England and listers out in California, but y'all are so far away that we'
d probably never meet unless we all decended upon one central location (one com
mon ground).  One favor I ask though is that we plan on having this gathering d
urning the summer.  I cannot take off any time till then, and it would be much
more enjoyable with warm weather and sunshine!

     BTW, Where do you think we should all go to hold this gathering?  I agree,
I think it should be in some central location.  How about a race track, like Mi
d-America, or Road America?  Those are two tracks in the middle of the US and a
re two great tracks as well.  We could all park our cars in some infield and sh
ow them off to eachother, walk around and look at other Quattro owner's cars, a
nd talk to other fellow Q-listers.  Sounds great to me!  Any other suggestions
or ideas?  I'd love to hear them as I'm sure Jim would as well.

      I'll volunteer to head up or organize the Southern Q-listers together for
the gathering, but there aren't many of us, so I don't think it will be too har
d.  I think we should shoot for early summer and if we have enough interest, we
should set a date in stone well in advance so people can take off from work and
plan this into thier schedules/ vacations.  I hope to see you there Jim!

       BTW, The only way I may not be able to be there is because I may be livi
ng in Alaska this summer!  In fact, there is a very good chance of it.  But, if
it is early enough in the summer (or maybee I could meet y'all on my way out th
ere!) it won't be a problem.  Just comming from Alaska is a bit too far of a dr
ive for just a weekend event if you ask me!  Also, I'd love to get charity invo
lved, but I don't see how unless we got sponsors involved.  Maybee AoA or some
local dealers from each regions would get involved?  Any ideas?

       We'll have to have Mike Spires bring the keg-erator also!