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Re VIN decoder

The VIN number on my q also can not be decoded using the list AND it
seem close to yours;
The cars a euro 1987 Coupe q with torsion diff, 2.26 non turbo engine 


Frank J. Bauer                                                          
dassault systemes of America     email:fjbauer@dsavm.e-mail.com         
Subject: VIN decoder                                                    
that list may not be correct and complete.                              
i'm pretty sure my 4Kq started with WAUFB... (hard to forget you own
so i wonder if F = 4000 4 door rather than 5000 4 door.                 
also, no listing for a I5T putting out approx 160HP  (wtf is this 130hp
finally, my euro 86 200TQW starts with WAUZZZ44ZGA...                   
i can't resolve digits 4 through 6 which are car line, engine type and  
restraint type (ZZZ)                                                    
btw - same problem using the bentley as a reference...