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Ok, so maybe you saw my last message.  I went to look at the car, and it is
nearly perfect, original. I drove the car and it is solid. the guy who told
me about it was off on a couple of items, like price and color.  I don't
think I can pull the resources together to buy it so here are the specs:

VIN: WAUDC0857FA900385
Miles: 53,200   
Color: Titian red/gray leather interior
Asking Price: $17,900 but new house, new family...looks negotiable.
Third owner.  Last was a doctor in Seattle (who owned another just like it).
Location: Raleigh, NC

Modifications: Ansa exhaust, ungo alarm, defrost knob kill switch (theft
deterrent), driver's window has tollbooth feature, heat shield on turbo
charger, pagid brake pads.
Records: All records are kept in a notebook inside vinyl sheet protectors. 
Paint: No accidents and no dents. Has only a couple small door dings.  Even
the wing is in very good condition.

Pluses: Car is all original except for mods listed above. Paint and interior
are in excellent, excellent condition, garage kept. Owner travels ALOT and
has been using it as second car only. I saw it without it being washed or
detailed, and it still looks fantastic. Drives great.  The car is solid.
Engine is clean and maintained.  Wheels are perfect.

Minuses: The cruise control needs a part (owner priced it at $70). The
driver's seat heater doesn't work.  There is a small clot of glue or
something on the carpet under the front passenger seat.  The front passenger
window is a little sticky (but works).  Needs a new gas cap.  Could use a
new radiator cover panel (worn not damaged). Could use an aftermarket
suspension package to take advantage of the turbo.

I have no financial interest.  I would LOVE to own it.  Atleast maybe I can
help in finding it a good home.

Owner: Rick Feiler
Phone: 919-361-4164-O
Fax:   919-361-3986-O

Voicemail: 800-334-9751x4164

Lindsey B.
85 4ksq