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Re: "octane myth" & "synthetic oil

>> far it goes, the benefit you will get are best questionable. Do any of you
>> know of an OEM automotive that uses and recommend synthetic oil for the
>> engine? is it that we are the only ones that are discovering the benefits
>> of synthetic oils and the OEM are stupid to follow us?
>Chevy Corvette factory fill is Mobil 1.

I guess we can add Porsche to the list, but what do they know;-)

When my oil temp gauge is approaching 110'C I'm happy to have Mobil 1 in my
engine, same goes for -30'C startups.
 IMHO, If you don't have temperature extremes, or a turbo, or ever go to a
racetrack, there's prolly not much difference  between having good quality
dino oil or synthetic. I like to think of it as a bit of engine insurance.
Those $100 oil changes are a bit of a pain though.

Burl Vibert
87 5KCSTQ 
83 Coupe
and other stuff