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RE: A4 2.8 Power Question

Once moving, the 2.8L A4 does a good job of accelerating, but you have
to not be shy about taking the rpm to ~5000. On my first real road trip
with my A4q (comming back from the PIR nwaqc event), I decided to take a
scenic route home, by the west side of Mt. Rainer. I eventually hit a
caravan of a motorhome, 3 vans, two pickups and a car. All 7 vehicles
travling at 35mph and so close together that it was impossible to pass
them one by one. So finally after 20 minutes of being at behind them
(there were three other cars behind me at this point!), there was a nice
long downhill straightaway and I passed all 7 at once, starting off in
third gear at 40 mph, ending up in 5th at ~110 mph. My wife quickly
reminded me that we were no longer at PIR, hehe.


>Any impressions or opinions?
>Thanks in advance,