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Re: Hydraulics...

In a message dated 96-11-07 10:05:15 EST, dak@lemur.raster.Kodak.COM (David
Kavanagh staff) writes:

>My question is about the rebuilt rack I should buy.

David, sorry to hear you're in need of another rack after only 2.5yrs. Most
5000 owners are only cursed with that once! On the subject of ZF reman racks,
they're now coming through with a three years warranty. I take this as a sign
of increased confidence on the part of ZF with regard to their reman process.
Over the past two years, I've seen them come from a barely worth mentioning
1yr warranty to the full boat 3yr. IMHO, It's a necessity when selling a 700$

Regardless of whose rack you go with, they should step up to the industry
standard and back it for 3yrs...your money's worth it!

-Chris Semple
Concord, NH
     '87 4000csq
          '84 4000sq
               '83 TQC
                    '83 TQC