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RE: VIN decoder

Interesting. The Quattro I have been thinking of buying has a vin with
ZZZ in on the firewall
but the plate on the "A" pillar has a more normal #. Its like this
"A" pillar: WAUDC0853DA900347
Firewall:   WAUZZZ852DA900347
Clearly the numbers are not the same yet both claim the car to be #347.
This is very interesting

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>>my euro 86 200TQW starts with WAUZZZ44ZGA.  I can't resolve digits 4
>through 6 which are car >line, engine type and restraint type (ZZZ) - Frank 
>My "grey market" 1983 5000 turbo had VIN WAUZZZ43ZDN012602.  The headlight
>area was a mess since someone (probably had to!) seemed to have *sob*
>removed some fancy light and put in double rectangles.  I never got the
>straight scoop on this car, though the allegation was that it was brought in
>for/by AoA executives from germany ??? It had a metric speedo, but the
>controls were all in English.  When I registered it, New Hampshire wanted to
>look at it (un identifiable VIN) and when I inquired about the auto
>transmission lockout recall, the Audi dealer looked at the VIN and said "not
>one of ours, son"  
>So maybe ZZZ means "holding these places for murkin gummint requirements,
>not needed on euro cars", say what?
>Just trying to help.
>Huw Powell
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