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Re: Can't get it down

On Nov 11, 11:51am, James A. Zwahlen wrote:
> Subject: Can't get it down
> The antenna on my 5k CS TQ is up and will not go down.  When the radio is
turned on or
> off, you can here the antenna motor working but the antenna stays up.  I
would like to
> replace it, but have two questions.
> 1) How do you get the trunk lining out without destroying it, and
> 2) Should I replace it with OEM or is there some upgrade that would provide
> reception?

	1. Reach in, push down and pull out. It's pretty tough stuff, so
	I wouldn't worry about destroying it.  Your hands, though, are
	another matter ....

	2. OEM is pretty darn expensive -- $80 or so for the replacement
	mast alone (the cable is what usually breaks, and the new mast
	comes with the cable attached). Listers have had good luck with
	Harada, a popular aftermarket antenna.


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