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Euro-Light HELP!

I'm so near, yet so far away....

I went to put in the Euro-headlights in our 200 today, and found that 
I must be missing a piece where the H4 lamp inserts into the light.  
I need you folks' counsel on what piece is missing.

The lights I'm using are from an 84 quattro.  At the back of the 
(metal) reflector are the lamp retainers.  These are circular metal 
units which mount on the reflectors by means of metal tabs which are 
located on the hole at the reflector's base.  The tabs stick thru the 
metal base and are bent over to hold it in place.  The base also has 
two spring clips which are used to hold the H4 lamp in place.

BUT - there must be a piece missing.  When I insert the lamp, it's 
loose in the metal piece.  There are no projections to interlock with 
the lamp's locating cutouts, and the lamp can be rotated freely.  The 
metal base's hole is ALMOST - not quite - big enough for the lamp to 
be pushed thru it and fall into the headlight.  The O-ring has 
nothing to contact at all.  Clearly, a piece is missing.

I suspect there is some circular plastic base piece which sits 
on the metal base - which the lamp seats against, and seals against.

I would be MOST grateful if one of you with the euro-lights, 
especially a Quattro set with the slant sides, would look at your 
lights and see if you can get me a part number or description.  If 
you are in the states, email me a phone number if you're willing to 
talk to me...I'll call you!

I'm totally ready to install these lights except for this problem!!  

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