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Re: Q-list broken?

	 I hear you loud and clear....

On Mon, 11 Nov 1996, Jim Griffin wrote:

> I am beginning to experience withdrawal symptons. I have not received any
> e-mail from the q-list for the past 24 hours or more (Sun 11/10 through Mon.
> 11/11).
> Sorry to post to the group, but I was just wondering if anyone else is
> experiencing this, or if I have a problem on my end somehow.
> If I get a response soon, then I will have to assume it is on my end.
> Otherwise, I guess we'll all be reading this when the problem has been fixed.
> Dan.... if it is/was broken, I hope it is/wasn't serious. Now I know how
> awful a feeling it is without this list!!
> ("What is it that ails you, young man?" says the doc. "Well, I am
> experiencing a bad case of the q-list DTs. What can you do for me" I say.
> The doc says "The best I can do is... well, for now, take 2 teaspoons of
> Pentosin, and call me in the morning. And go take a long drive on a back
> road. That certainly will help take your mind off the pain")
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