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Confused about muffler - 5kCSTQ

I have an 88 5kCSTQ, and I am trying to get my rear muffler replaced.
I bought an aftermarket (Bosal) from Carlsen Audi. The Bentley says
I am supposed to have a clamp between the rear muffler and the next
exhaust piece, so the rear muffler can be clamped out. I have a pipe
between the rear muffler and the next exhaust piece (center muffler?)
that is WELDED on either ends. There is no clamp. The rear muffler is
a factory muffler (most likely original one that came with the car),
so I presume the welded pipe (instead of clamp) is an original feature
(which conflicts with Bentley). Linda at Carlsen Audi agrees with Bentley,
and is surprised that I have a welded pipe. I am thoroughly confused.
In addition, the Bosal muffler has a pipe that is smaller on the muffler-end
and bigger in diameter on the other end. It also has a 2-3 mm "brim" 
which is not there on the original muffler. 

Could anyone please shed some light on this? Do I need to cut the pipe and
use a sleeve?

Vielen danke,

Vinod Arekar 
  "There will come a time when no car will be considered a true luxury model
unless it includes the luxury of full-time, all-wheel drive." -audiusahomepage
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