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No Subject

Hi members of the Audi genus Bulbophyllum:

In a recent article  Eric Renneisen <renneie@hlthsrc.com> exclaimed:

>>>>Subject: Those D*mn Little Bulbs!!!

An extra-heavy piece of my Uncle's fruit cake goes to Ray Calvo for 
the tips on bulb replacement for the seat heater switches.  An 
honorable mention must go to Joe Yakubik for the Radio Sh*t P/N for 
the bulb. (It was the _exact_ same bulb!)  Thanks guys!>>>>

I concur.  I replaced mine yesterday.  I haven't tested them in the 
dark yet, but the directions were precise.  Let's hope the replacement 
lamp is actually better than the OEM one.  Given the generally dim 
operation of these lamps, there is no excuse for them not lasting 
nearly forever.  Lamp lifetime goes as some very large power of the 
ratio of rated voltage to actual voltage.

>>>>Alas, the $1.20 sacrifice was not enough.  These cars are 
insidious. _Immediately_ following the replacement, the bulb on my 
radio display went out!  Prolly because I failed to use Ray's 
suggestion of taking out the radio for easier access to the seat 
heater switch.

This is the radio station LCD display.  Ray, I know you've been here 
before.  I searched my personal archives (all digests since #477, 20 
MB!) but I could only find messages about the broken circuit board. 
:^(  Can you (or anyone else) share some more of your micro-bulb 
wisdom?  What I'm looking for is a bulb P/N, gotcha's to look out for, 

I received much information on this subject in September, and reprised 
it when finished with the project.  Suggest you search by author under 
ksmith1, and porsray.  Also, if I find I have a copy, I will email it 
to you.  Based on the seat heater switch repair, the 60 mA Radio Shack 
lamps used for the switch would seem to fit in the radio.  (The 
previous suggestion that I followed was for the Radio Shack 55 mA 
bipin lamps.)  You will need to color the lamp or cover it with a 
silicon rubber filter if you don't want it to be too bright at night.  
Data in archives or email me if you don't find anything. 

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