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performance stuff


Although I am not an Audi owner yet, I have been lurking to get more
info on the A4 1.8tq <manual trans> which I plan to buy when available.

I have done quite a bit of digging on aftermarket products and their
suppliers, knowing very well that I will be modifying the A4 as soon as
the motor is broken in. Last week I attended the SEMA (speciality
equipment manufacturers assoc.) show in Las Vegas and have some good
news to report to all that may be interested.

Abt, while enjoying a somewhat spotty past existence in the US, looks as
if they might be here to stay. Advanced Motorsport Solutions in Los
Angeles (I have no connection with them ,etc.) @ 310-559-7764 has become
an authorized importer of Abt. After talking with several of the guys
from AMS, I am confident that they will be able to handle the task of
representing Abt in the US. They plan to have a fairly extensive
inventory of the Abt products in Los Angeles, and will be working with
several european performance shops to set up a dealer network. Their 
web address is: www.advancedmotorsport.com

Claus Ettensberger Corp. (800-776-0004), importer of AC Schnitzer,
Lorinser, Tech-Art, and other well respected tuning lines plans to be
importing an Audi-specific line soon, although they would not say which

Also, Total Audi Performance had a booth at the show, and I spoke with
them for awhile. They have quite a few interesting products available
and are taking delivery of their 1.8t A4 soon. 

Anyway, this is what I have to report from the show. Since Audi is
beginning to make a comeback, we will most likely see more performance
products offered here. It also means that we will see more competent
representation of these products.

Drive Fast!

Tom Epley
90 Saab 900 spg, mucho mods