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Re: Pentosyn

Eugene asked:

>I have just used up the last of a Lt. can of pentosyn.  I brought it into
>a parts store an they were puzzled as to what it was and what could be 
>substituted.   Which brings me to my questions.  Can it be substituted for 
>some domestic product? 

NOOOOOOOOOO! You'll kill your hydrolic sys! Happens all the time.

Recently a colleague of mine told me that his sister sustained a financial damage 
equal to 0.5 of a GNP of an african nation, after having the hydrolic sys replaced
at her local Audi dealer. Turnes out that a corner Mr. Badwrench, that poor lady 
was using for service, used to put Dextron in it.

How can you keep driving those sh*ty cars? - sez my colleage.

Why dont you put diesel fuel into your Accord, it would be sure cheaper to run? If
as a result you'll have to replace it's fuel sys, then the Accord must be a piece 
of sh*t, right? - answers me.


Igor Kessel, Phila PA, USA
-Why would anyone in the right state of mind buy just a car,
when the mankind has invented a QUATTRO!-