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USA Meet Geography Check

         A state exists, it's in the middle of the country (well.. kinda),
  that has abolished it's speed limit laws. This state is, of course...
         I feel that renting out a track for the weekend is probably a much
  better, and safer alternative. However.. I thought I would pose the idea
  of Montana as a gathering site to the list. Any listers from Montana, or
  anybody been there since the speed-limit law was removed?
                                 -Osman Parvez

         Let's see Osman, Montana is 2200-2600 miles from us depending upon
  where you go....and it's about 3000 to the Pacific...that ain't the
  middle bud.

         I was in Montana in September.  It's generally recognized that you
  will be stopped if you are travelling at over 85MPH....and most
  definately if over 90-95MPH.  The lack of Johnny Law is encouraging
  though as are the wide vistas.
         My personal accomplishments this Summer in Montana.

         *Averaged just over 100 MPH (never below 97) for 1 hour on Route
  200 in the Big Open.
         *Top Speed: about 137 (143-4 indicated)

         *Achieved a law scoffing 100MPH+ in Mass, PA, NY, IN, IL, OH, MN,
  ND, MT, OR, WY
            ID, IA, and Nebraska
            Good clean fun...
                                 On second thought...let's go!